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Paessler Blog

PRTG Desktop for Linux available as Public Beta NOW!

In mid-January we teased that we were working on a Linux version of PRTG Desktop. In a previous blog article, we asked for your feedback on which Linux distributions you use - thanks for your participation!

PRTG Release 20.1.56 comes with an AWS Cost Sensor (and other cool features)

Whew, what's the best way to start today? The stable release 20.1.56 of PRTG Network Monitor was released almost a month ago (which means that the next version, 20.1.57, will be online soon). Usually we let 1-2 weeks pass between the initial release and the blog post. This gives us time to collect feedback and maybe add some more information to the article.

CovidCare: Helping hospitals in the COVID-19 crisis

Click here for a German version of this blog post. The current crisis surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of COVID-19, has had an effect on us as both individuals and as a company. A week ago, our entire team began working remotely from home so that we can stay healthy and maintain the high standards of productivity that our customers are used to. But "staying safe and sound" was not enough for us as employees of Paessler AG; Dirk Paessler, our founder, wanted to go further and use his knowledge and data-driven instincts to develop a tool that would help hospitals and clinics in the current crisis to estimate potential case numbers. To this end, he launched a hackathon last weekend, and we present the result to you here.

COVID-19: Keep your business running in 5 steps

Well, that was a weird way to start the roaring twenties, seriously. The world has to deal with a global pandemic, which, besides medical problems, also raises questions about how to live and work together. Governments in the most affected countries have already recommended that employees remain home wherever possible. Many tech companies have either forced their employees to work from home or at least offered them the opportunity to do so. But how exactly do you meet the technical demands to ensure that daily business, the necessary communication and versatile access to the required data are possible remotely? The following are some of the experiences we at Paessler have had in setting up our own plan for remote work during the crisis that is SARS-CoV-2, aka the novel coronavirus and the cause of COVID-19.  Although we already could work remotely from time to time before this crisis, we are really confronted with this challenge now. We would like to share our experiences and what we have learned. For some context, read about the measures we have taken at Paessler and how we are currently working. Before you start with the first considerations, you should define a crisis team that has an overview of the current situation in the company and creates the basis for all further actions. The following steps should serve as a guideline to prepare your IT infrastructure:

Business continuity at Paessler in times of COVID-19

The coronavirus is currently keeping the entire globe busy, and the media is reporting a lot about it. It’s an unusual situation that affects life as we know it, both society and the economy alike. If you’re reading this specific COVID-19 news item within the flood of information surrounding this topic, you’re most likely a PRTG user, or an avid reader of our blog. Therefore, let’s state the most important thing first:    We at Paessler are committed and prepared to support you during this time of uncertainty with the same level of high-quality services as you are used to. That’s possible thanks to our IT team, who did one heck of a job to provide us with a solid technical infrastructure. Seriously, these gals and guys rock! (By the way, we plan to share some insights in how we have approached this, so stay tuned for an article later this week...) 

A review for PRTG, $25 for you!

Here are a few thoughts about review portals, and two reasons why you should submit a review of PRTG to Gartner Peer Insights.

The Grafana data source for PRTG has been updated

There's great news for PRTG users who also use Grafana — the PRTG data source has been updated with improvements and fixes by its developer (a user called Neuralfraud on GitHub). And if you don't know what Grafana is, or didn't know that you can use it with PRTG, now is a good time to jump in!

Aquafin keeps infrastructure clean with PRTG

Aquafin purifies domestic waste water and is responsible for the development of sewer systems on behalf of the Flemish Region. Every day, five hundred operators work at more than three hundred treatment plants so that clean water can return to nature. With the help of data, analyses and reporting, Aquafin not only monitors the quality of the water, but helps the company prevent dry soil and limit the repercussions of heavy showers.

Paessler AG at the embedded world 2020 2/2

Be it security of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-mobility or energy efficiency - the embedded world in Nuremberg lets you experience the whole world of embedded systems. And at this year's embedded world, Paessler AG presented outstanding new solutions!

What HCI is and why you should monitor it

If you are in the IT business, you have certainly heard of HCI within the last year. The abbreviation stands for Hyper-converged infrastructure and describes an IT infrastructure based on a software-centric architecture in which processors, memory, networking and virtualization and other technologies are closely interconnected.

PRTG and Node-RED: Building IoT like never before

Node-RED is a programming tool for bringing together hardware devices, APIs and online services. It provides an editor to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click. Just to make one thing clear from the start: PRTG already offers great IoT monitoring out of the box. Now, together with Node-RED, we have expanded and simplified the IoT capabilities of PRTG.

Paessler AG at the embedded world 2020 1/2

Be it security of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-mobility or energy efficiency, the embedded world in Nuremberg lets you experience the whole world of embedded systems. And this year, Paessler AG will present exciting new solutions!

Disabling ICMP and SNMP won’t increase security, but will impact network monitoring

Before we begin addressing the security and network monitoring implications of blocking Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), we must understand what they are and how they work.

Network visibility in IT risk management

Our lives are full of risks. Can I go outside and expose myself to all the lurking dangers? Will I miss the opportunity of a lifetime if I'm staying home? This blog should help to minimize or maximize the risks in IT. Maximize? Yes, risks include both threats and opportunities.

The 2020 PRTG Olympics: Join the competition!

We at Paessler are not under suspicion of being particularly reluctant with interactive advertising and social media campaigns. For this year, however, we have come up with something very special. Spoiler alert: We're giving away a couple of PS4 Pros, iFixit Kits and, of course, a bucketload of PRTG swag...